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Ambika Classes

What education means to us?

Our mission is "To educate children and help them excel in academics to the best of their potential. To impart good values in students and eventually develop their personality."

    We provide :

  • - Stable learning environment.
  • - Qualified and talented teachers.
  • - Modern and tech-equipped premises.
  • - Regular interaction with parents/guardians.

  • Here, we not only educate the students to be successful, but also nurture them with values to be better humans.

Learning > Exams

Learning has always been a prime focus. Extra revisions and doubt-solving sessions is very frequent. Quality of teachers is something we never compromise. We follow feedback-based learning.

Extremely Affordable

Our fees structure is the lowest in comparison with any other established coaching institute in the area. Fees include study materials for students of Std. 8, 9 and 10 and some accessories for all. No hidden fees.

Embracing Technology

Automated system for management. Schedule for everyday can be accessed here. We will soon be coming up with our new mobile application to track student's performance, attendance, fees, lectures and timings, etc.

Cognitive Evaluation

Apart from the school examinations, we've a completely autonomous evaluation methodology. It helps students and their parents to gauge the areas of interests of their students and shortcomings to work on.

The coaching plan has been designed to groom the students with the use of textbooks, notebooks, homework, orals, etc. Monitoring performance and providing feedback to parents. A teacher per grade - special teacher for language learning.

A combined 3-year effort. Subject-specific teachers empowering student's grasp on every subject. Thorough revisions, orals, rigorous practise tests and test feedback sessions.

Choose your own subject bundle as per requirement. Students will be allowed to attend lectures, revisions, orals, tests for the subscribed bundle. This is a time-saver and economical choice.

This is a popular option of modern day education. This can be 1-1 or group coaching as per your requirement. It is a completely customizable approach where we assign teachers as per your education requirement and tutor preferences. Fees will depend on subjects selected, student's ability along with other factors.

Visit us here...

Branch 1
Shop No. 9/10, Godavari Apartment, Ramnagari, Malangad Road, Near Chetna School, Kalyan East - 421306.

Branch 2 (Main)
Third Floor, Sahyadri Apartment, Malangad Road, Near Chetna School, Kalyan East - 421306.